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Office-Based Laryngeal Surgery

Office-based laryngeal surgery is safe, profoundly effective and preferred by patient over traditional surgical methods.  Office-based surgery has many advantages.  These include:  (1) no intravenous sedation or other medication is needed ; (2) patients require no postoperative recovery; (3) the only anesthesia needed is topical (spray) with a topical anesthetic; (4) biopsies can be obtained for histology; (5) the actual operating time is minimized (in most cases to under 30 minutes); (6) many procedures are actually technically easier in the office than in the operating room; (7) there are tremendous time and cost savings for the patient and efficient use of the surgeon’s time and resources.  The real great advance of in-office unsedated laser surgery is there is no risk of general anesthetic complications, it’s less invasive, there are no large rigid metal endoscopes, and so there are fewer complications such as airway problems, dental injuries, or sore tongue.  Our safety record for Voice Disorders is 100%.