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Laryngoplastic Phonosurgery

The most important applications of laryngoplastic phonosurgery are for correction for voice rehabilitation with vocal cord paralysis or partial paralysis.  (Partial paralysis of the vocal folds is extremely common and is often diagnosed as vocal fold weakness or bowing.)  In fact, vocal fold bowing is one of the most common causes of vocal nodules and polyps.  We strive to fix the lesions on the vocal folds, as well as the underlying cause.  The most common of the laryngoplastic procedures is called bilateral medialization laryngoplasty (BML).  BML is performed under local anesthesia in the operating room and allows your doctor to straighten the crooked vocal folds to alleviate vocal fatigue and other voice symptoms.  This procedure does require an overnight stay in the hospital and it is a real operation.  Nevertheless, BML provides tremendous relief for the majority of patients with weak vocal folds from Bell’s palsy of the larynx, prior intubation injuries, prior surgical intervention, cancer, viral neuropathy, or simply the aging process itself.  In other words, crooked (bowed) vocal folds can be surgically corrected and we have extensive experience doing just that.