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“Dropping Acid” Blog


There are treatments available at the Voice Institute of New York that are available almost no where else. Dr. Jamie Koufman pioneered laryngoplastuc phonosurgery and minimally-invasive office-based laryngeal laser surgery. Laryngoplastic phonosurgery refers to surgery of the larynx to alter the voice.  This field was introduced in the United States by Dr. Jamie Koufman in 1983, and she has done much to evolve this exciting voice rehabilitation technology since that time.

Acid Reflux Disease (GERD & LPR)

Laryngoplastic Phonosurgery

Rare Laryngeal Diseases

Office-Based Laryngeal Surgery

Care of the Professional Voice

Botox for Voice Disorders

Chronic Cough

Voice Rehabilitation Surgery

Tracheal Shave