Dr. Jamie Koufman Receives Prestigious Newcomb Award of the American Laryngological Association

Jamie A. Koufman, M.D., F.A.C.S., Director of The Voice Institute of New York was awarded the 2011 James E. Newcomb Award at the American Laryngological Association (ALA) during the recent 132nd Annual ALA Meeting April 27th in Chicago, Illinois. This award, established in 1939, is given annually to a member of the Association in recognition of  outstanding contributions to research and the medical literature in the field of laryngology.

The list of distinguished past winners includes Dr. Chevalier Jackson, Dr. Joseph Ogura, Dr. John Kirchner, Dr. John Conley, Dr. Stuart Strong, and Dr. Gerald Healy.  The Newcomb Award has been likened to a “Lifetime Achievement Award” for research and publications in laryngology.

3 comments to Dr. Jamie Koufman Receives Prestigious Newcomb Award of the American Laryngological Association

  • Joan Paiement

    Dear Dr. Koufman,

    Congratulations for this prestigious and well deserved reward.

    Best wishes,

    Joan Paiement

  • Rev Bob Richards

    We met one of your patient’s families in Mexico last year and they told us how Dr. Koufman had helped their son! We checked out the website and bought the book. We didn’t immediately implement the diet, but it seemed I was always coughing and eating just aggravated my coughing spasms. I wasn’t able to sing as well as I used to, and I had the taste of thick butter in the roof of my mouth that my wife insisted was mucus or perhaps post-nasal drip. When our children were home for Christmas, they complained and confronted me about my coughing! I told them I didn’t know what to do about it, nor where to go, or how to find a doctor who could help me. (I had complained to my GP and others about these symptoms for years, it seemed.) My wife Nancy said I was looking for a dramatic answer like a new pill to just take it all away. She went and got your book and started reading to me. “Who does this sound like?” she asked. We started the diet the next day with wonderful, encouraging results. I can even have chicken vegetable soup now without coughing at all. Sunday, we both noticed I was singing like I used to! Thank you, thank you for this help. I am glad that you wrote the book that has resulted in this wonderful happy ending. Bless you! Rev. Bob Richards

  • Jamie A. Koufman, M.D., F.A.C.S.

    We recoomend the tw0-week Induction (DETOX) Diet for the first two weeks … and close the kitchen at 8 p.m.
    Thank you very much for your kind note. JKoufman