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“Dropping Acid” Blog


The articles and publications in this section are organized into six categories.  Almost all of these papers were published in peer-reviewed medical journals; but in addition a few key abstracts, book chapters, and manuscripts are included.

A layman’s synopsis (summary) precedes the full, printable (PDF) version of each article. Highlighted in the “ACID REFLUX” section are Dr. Koufman’s  most important landmark and ground-breaking reflux papers.

I. ACID REFLUX (Groundbreaking scientific articles on laryngopharyngeal reflux (LPR), gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), silent reflux)


III. MINIMALLY-INVASIVE SURGERY (Office-based laryngeal laser surgery and transnasal esophagoscopy)

IV. VOICE DISORDERS (Classification, diagnosis, treatment)

V. VOICE REHABILITATION SURGERY (Laryngeal, vocal cord, and tracheal surgery)

VI. TRACHEAL SHAVE: Ideally, this procedure should be performed by a laryngologist, not a plastic surgeon, with direct visualization of the vocal cords during the surgery. This technique allows maximum cartilage removal while minimizing the risk to the voice (vocal cord) damage.